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Welcome to Guth High Voltage GmbH
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Welcome to the high voltage expert

We, the Guth High Voltage GmbH, are at home in all areas of high voltage technology. On this website we offer information on the many possible applications of high voltage and about our products with which you can generate and measure these voltages.

High voltage is defined as electrical voltage above 1000V. A distinction is as high voltage of alternating current (AC) or of direct current ("DC").


Such high voltages are used not only in energy supply and transmission or in radio transmitters. There are many different applications, for example, in all areas where powerful electron or ion beams are required, e.g. in electron beam welding. Air or gases to be cleaned with high voltage electrostatic filters. High voltage pulse generators are used in food technology for electroporation and also in construction, mining and geology for crushing materials. For surface finishing of materials one needs high voltage for ion implantation and for plasma processing. For handling high voltages various instruments and measurement systems are needed. By insulating tests and dielectric tests also non-electrical material properties can be determined in an indirect approach. Thus, for example, semi-finished plastic materials can be tested for leaks.

For all these applications and more are we, the Guth High Voltage GmbH in Salach, your competent partner.