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Over 60 years of experience with high-voltage technology

 The radio business founded in 1946 by Gustav Guth in Salach, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, soon became involved in developing and manufacturing high voltage equipment for research laboratories and industrial uses.

Constant growth, the result of extension of the range of applications and the continuous development of new products, lead to the firm moving to a new location in Salach in 1984, Spitzenbergstrasse 6. In 2001, the manufacturing capacity was increased by a new building with an additional 800 m2 of floor space.

Today, we and our 25 members of staff work to find solutions to complex, customer-specific problems in the field of high-voltage technology.


Guth High Voltage GmbH – a strong team standing for creativity, reliability and quality



Ein starkes Team

Corporate Policy

In order to manage and operate the company Guth High Voltage GmbH successfully it is indispensable to lead and guide our business systematically and discernibly.

The policy described here for Guth High Voltage GmbH Quality Management is based on the following principles:

  • EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Legal requirements

The following quality principles have been developed so that it can be used by the executive board and management team in order to guide FuG Elektronik GmbH continuously to outstanding success.

1. Customer focus
Our company is dependent on its customers, determining existing and future customer and market needs, fulfilling their requirements and expectations.

2. Management responsibility
The management's task is to implement and embed sustainably the purpose as well as the strategic direction of our company in its processes together with our employees. Our Management is creating, maintaining as well as improving the company's internal environment to fully enable our employees to achieve the company's targets.

3. Employees
Our employees represent the character of our company on all levels. Their complete involvement enables them to use their skills in an optimal way to achieve the company's targets.

4. Processes
Targets and results will be reached more effectively and efficiently if activities and corresponding resources are being recognized, understood, directed and implemented according to defined processes.

5. Systems
Recognizing, understanding, guiding and implementing related processes seen as part of a comprehensive system is contributing to achieve the company's prospects in an effective and efficient way.

6. Continuous improvement
The continuous improvement of the company's overall performance is a consecutive company target which is embedded sustainably in the individual divisions, departments and processes which will then be put into practice.

7. Fact-based decisions
Effective decisions are based on the analysis of figures, data and facts.

8. Supplier Relationships for a mutual benefit
Our suppliers as well as our company are mutually dependent. The supplier relationships which are based on a mutual benefit increase the ability to create added value for both sides.


9. Environmental orientation and resource efficiency
Acting consciously regarding quality means also for us, to deal with resources efficiently and environmentally friendly.


When each individual implements the above-mentioned quality principles FuG realises value for all, management, employees, clients and other interested parties.
The quality-policy of our company is then realised when the afore mentioned quality principles are implemented. The quality policy serves thereby as a binding guideline for all employees for quality awareness, client oriented and responsible dealings.


Our guiding principle for customer satisfaction and quality
Our products and services are to meet the needs of customers with special regards to quality, processing, reliability, finish, and dependable delivery, in accordance with their specific requirements to achieve the best results.


Our guiding principle for corporate culture
We strive together with our employees to achieve our company's targets, participating them who actively participate in safeguarding the long-term future of our company and the preservation of jobs.


How we work:
Our strength is our customer focus. From the initial idea via the planning stage through to implementation, we assist our customers in partnership with help and advice. We recommend the appropriate high voltage equipment or components and discuss their variants and accuracy requirements.

The systems are designed and produced according to the specific requirements and applications of our clients.
 Our engineers and designers design and develop according to customer specifications control systems, circuits, and the appropriate equipment layout. Here will be used modern CAD systems for PCB layouts, schematics and mechanical components.

All printed circuit boards and controls go through a 100% function check before they are installed.

Highly-skilled professionals with years of experience in instrument building take the manual assembly. Prior to delivery  we perform extensive testing of all equipment, with simulation and trial of all applications and all operating conditions to ensure the viability of any system.

Our customers benefit from our commitment to quality assurance system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Device documentation and testing protocols are also in subsequent technical amendments kept up to date for each individual client device.

Our customers appreciate our solutions to difficult tasks, our punctuality and the quality of our work. For our customers we are prepared for worldwide service operations.

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